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Some maps have the country names in chinese,any way to fix this?

Not from my side. I suggest, contact the map maker & ask him to change the names to English. I'll add it to the translations, so they can be translated back to Chinese for Chinese speakers.

where is the start button once you've downloaded the game

If you downloaded the ZIP, uncompress it first. Then/otherwise, simply run the executable!

Is there a way to do AI only games with this?

Yes, just create a single player game!

By AI only i mean AI vs AI, not Player vs. AI.


In the editor, there is an AI test-runner to test balancing. Otherwise, no, there is no such mode.


why would u want to watch that sounds super stupid and dumb 

O jogo não abre. Já tentei pelo steam e pelo itch. Instala mas quando executo a janela sempre fecha. 

What's the error output? Can you look at your log files?

please I want this on steam

It's available on Steam also:

Great! I'll download it

Wow! It reminds me of a Paradox Grand Strategy game!

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great game, best i have played in a long time but please change the bigger countries from east and west to just one country in the modern world map

It's in the works :)

nice :)

Download version the latest version 1.0.21 of the modern world map! It now has bigger nations divided into e.g. east & west! 

Don't opens. I have win10, is this?

What's the error message you are getting? Something like "OpenGL 2.0 or higher with the FBO extension is required. OpenGL version: 1.1.0" in the stderr.log? If you have an Intel HD 2000/3000 graphics card, you will need to apply the following patch:

Amazing ! I really like this game ! I hope there will be a suit of this game because I REALLY LOVE this one ! Excellent, good job  :D But, I would ask you something, I'm also interested to make a great conquest game, is it really hard to do it with one person ? Because I've actually only a map generator with random king / emperor name but nothing more. Thx :D

It's possible but it takes time. I suggest find a good artist and maybe someone that helps with modding.

noble,aster i love this game i allways play it on my computer but i want to download it on my ipad 3 but its not compatible can you do anything

You need iOS 9+ and a 64bit processor at minimum. I am sorry for that, but anything lower and the game tends to crash on iOS.

I just installed this in Windows 8.1 and get an error "Error opening media file. Please move this file to an ascii-only path like c:\". What does it mean and how do I troubleshoot this?

That's an odd error message! Did you install it via the app? Can you download the game directly, unzip & run it!?

Ah yes it works independently, but fails to start with that strange error from the app..... I guess I'll start it independently for now, but is there a way to fix this? Thanks!

It seems the game doesn't like that path. However, generally, you given it's the portable version it should work in any path. Do you have any special characters in the install path of the game? Can you move the path in

There are no special characters in its path. Just to be clear, I installed the game successfully via the app, but it fails to start from within the app. However, it works if I manually navigate to where the game is installed by, and the game starts normally when I double click on the executable. So it sounds like a problem with the app?

Yes, it might have something to do with the app if you are able to start the game directly. However, I assume you are successfully able to start other games!?

What you could try (not sure if that's the case?) to move the app/game to a directory with only ASCII characters. E.g. from "C:\Über\..." --> "C\Uber\...". Not sure if that's where your games reside? If you have only ASCII characters for the game's path, it's odd that that error message would happen however. Maybe try to talk with the team as well?


how do i play without downloading

It's not a browser-based game. You need to download it...